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Welcome To Roupik Smoke Shop!

We started this blog (and this website) to give our current and new customers the best solutions for all of their smoking and vaping needs.

We are what's considered a head shop, vape shop, hookah shop, and tobacco shop all rolled into one under the smoke shop name.

Customer Service Is Our #1 Propriety

We pride ourselves on our customer service. At Roupik Smoke Shop you'll be greeted with a smile and a helping hand to find exactly what you need weather it's a new hookah, coils for your vapes or that perfect cigar!

Loyalty Is Always Rewarded!

The people we see on a daily basis are more than just our customers they're part of our community and to reward their loyalty to our shop we created a loyalty program where our customers sign up and receive rewards as they go!

Give Us A Visit!

We're located at 725 S. Glendale Avenue Glendale California 91205.

We're open MON-SAT 9AM - 9PM


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