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The Sutra Silo Pro Review - Dab Pen In Disguise

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

We have a lot and we mean A LOT of dab pens available for all of our customers needs and when we received the Sutra Silo Pro we immediately put it to the test to see how it compares to our other dab pens.

The main purpose of the Silo Pro is to provide you with a deb pen that's more subtle than most of what's on the market today.

The Sutra Silo Pro is a one of a kind dab pen or battery with a unique twist : It looks like a regular disposable nicotine vape. We put the Silo Pro through every test we could think of ! In this article we'll give you our honest review of this "new-age" dab pen.

#1 First Impressions

As promised the Sutra Silo Pro looks exactly like most of the rechargeable disposables vapes that are out on the market today! With a very sleek design and easy to open bottom hatch to insert the cartridge the Silo Pro already promised to be a one of a kind very handy dab pen!

#2: The Testing Process

We started off by screwing on one of our CBD cartridges to the bottom hatch of the device. It was extremely easy and fit perfectly well with the specific size of the cartridge that we had.

After closing the hatch the device lit up red indicating it needed to be charged. Luckily the charging port is a USB-C port se we charged it for 30 minutes and already the light turned green indicating that it was fully charged and ready to go!

We clicked the button on the bottom of the hatch 5 times in order to activate the device and off we went! It was an instant smooth hit will a very minimal amount of vapor.

#3: Pros and Cons

After testing out the Sutra Silo Pro for a couple of days we can confidently say what we believe are the pros and cons of the device


- User Friendly

- Delivers on the promise of disguising the dab pen as a regular vape.

- Long battery life.

- Clean battery indication.

- All around sturdy design


- It does not fit all cartridges

- A charger is not included in the box

#4: The Final Score

As we previously mentioned, we've had many experiences with different types of dab pens throughout the years and continue to test out newer products to see if they fit our customers needs.

That being said, the Sutra Silo Pro now proudly stands on our shelves as we fell in love with the product!

Our final score for the product would be 4.8/5

The durability and the sleek design aside, if the products main goals are to provide you with a dab pen that is so subtle that you can just whip it out use it and none will be the wiser, well then we can say that that goals has been achieved and then some!

The Sutra Silo Pro is now available at Roupik Smoke Shop! Stop and ask one of our employees to present you the product and they'll answer any remaining questions you might have!

If this article or any of our previous ones interested you, please leave a comment below on more topics you'd like us to discuss or products you'd like us to review!

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Jun 23, 2023
Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

Sutra silo pro burns way too fast... I burned 2.5 grams in one week of using it. Not even heavy hitting just normal use. Going Back too ooze

Roupik Smoke shop
Roupik Smoke shop
Oct 01, 2023
Replying to


Did you keep using it on one setting or did you adjust the wattage? The newer ones come with adjustable wattage. Also if you could, please let us know which Oooze device you're using. Thank you for your feedback as well!

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