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PRYO: The Disposable Vape That Lasts and Lasts...

Pyro the disposable vape you don't have to charge

In the past few year disposable vapes started having more and more puffs, some brands currently have upwards of 8000 puffs! That being said, there's always a catch to it : Either these disposables need to refilled or recharged. Well today we bring you a brand that needs none of that and lasts a good 6000 puffs! Meet PYRO.

First Impressions

Promising upwards of 6000 hits with no charging seemed very sketchy to begin with. Most brands over 4000 hits always come with a USB-C charging port but in PYRO's case that's not the case. The flavors are completely on point and can even rival companies that have been around the disposable vape circuit for years!

Putting PYRO to the test

We have a pretty good team of vaping connoisseurs surrounding us so we gave 20 of our most picky vapers a flavor each to test it out, and the results were nothing but positive!

Flavor : Consistent throughout the entire life span of the vape without losing the original taste.

Life span: PRYO lasted the average vaper about 1 week.

Consistency: Same hit throughout the entire life span of the vape.

Pros and Cons


- No need to charge it for the entirety of the 6000s puffs

- Flavors are consistent and delicious

- Size just right to fit any pocket

- Smooth hit

- Consistent hit throughout the life span of the vape


- Limited flavor selection ( only 8 so far)

- No indication of when the battery will die out

The Final Score For PYRO: The Disposable Vape That Lasts

After testing out the PRYOs for a full month we give them a 5/5 rating!

The convenience and the flavor are unmatched in all other brands. We will just have to wait and see if this company comes out with some more flavors in the near future! Until then we're happy with the selection we have right now!

You can get your PYRO vapes at Roupik Smoke Shop .

If you liked this article please leave a comment below on other smoking/vaping products you would like us to review!

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