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LVE Orion II: Pod Systems Have Never Looked So Good!

Orion II Pod System by LVE

We have seen plenty of pod system vapes come and go throughout the years, and the Orion is by no means a new player to the game, with a unique pod style and very good craftsmanship the original Orion was one of the top contenders when it came to pod system vape.

After finding out that they recently released the Orion II system, we just had to get our hands on it and test it out for our customers.

First Impressions

Looks don't matter...unless you're the Orion II. The beautiful design of these new pod system is the first thing that caught our attention! Colors ranging from Ebony Wood to Gold the look of the device itself immediately give ouse a classy and. futuristic vibe. With the buttons and the screen hidden neatly to the side the Orion II looks like a gorgeous accessory that can go along with just about anything else you have in your pocket or bag.

Orion II Pod system in a bag

How We Tested the Device

We just love a pod system that can do it all! The Orion II is no exception. Included in the device's packaging are two coils one 0.4 ohm and the other 0.8 ohm. We tested out some salt-nicotine juice with the 0.8 ohm and some free base e-liquid with the 0.4 and both were flavorful and smooth as can be!

Changing the coils are extremely easy as well. Using the slider on the side the pod just pops out and you can pull out one coil and replace it with another very easily.

We tested the durability of the device as well (it looked so good we almost skipped this part), by dropping it from a few hit and continuing to hit the vape: We can easily say that this little device is tough as nails! No scratches and no damage to the vaping mechanism.

Lastly, the pod itself (or should we say tank) is one of the biggest ones we've seen on a pod system, the amount of liquid it can handle rivals that of the tanks for some of our box mod vapes.

Pros and Cons of this Pod System


- Beautifully designed and available in many colors

- Durable with a firm hand grip

- Fast charging with a USB-C port

- Easy to use even for beginners

- Takes both salt-nicotine and free base e-liquid


- To change the coil you need to wait for most of the juice to be empty to avoid leakage on any surface

- A little bulkier than the average pod system

The Final Score

Orion Pod System Accessories

Over the years we have tested out many different types of vapes, from disposable to the biggest mods out there. We always appreciate it when a company puts as much effort into their craftsmanship as they do for the vaping mechanism and LVE is definitely one of those companies.

After testing out the Orion II and sending over some samples to our vape aficionados we came to one simple conclusion: "This device works just as good as it looks!". Perfect flavor and hit coupled with a beautiful packaging and we're sold!

You can get yours today right here

If you liked our review and would like us to review any other smoke shop products, leave a like and the comment below this article and we would be happy to oblige!

You can call or send us a message about any products we carry here or just stop by our retail shop located at 725 S. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA 91205.

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