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How To Properly Charge Disposable Vapes? (Elf-bars, Flum Pebbles, Topshines)

Disposable vapes that you can charge are somewhat of a mystery because most of them do not have a battery indicator, so let's see what some of the best practices are when it comes to charging these little guys!

Flum Pebble Disposable Rechargeable Vape
Flum Pebbles

We've all heard the myths about rechargeable vapes, "if you leave them on too long they burn" or "they don't really hold up a charge after the first one", "they don't taste the same after the first charge" in this article we're going to clear all that up and show you all the proper way to charge these disposable vapes!

Here are some tips and trick based on the most popular current disposables that are chargeable:

Charging Elf-Bar Vapes

Elf-bars are synonymous with re-chargeable vapes. They provide a good smooth hit and they come in many different forms. One thing all elf-bars have in common is how they charge. Elf-bars are equipped with a USB-C charging port which you can use to charge with any compatible cable. The recommended charging time for a fully drained elfbar is 1 hour. However if there's still some power and pull to the vape you can get by with charging it for 20-30 minutes. Remember to keep the vape as straight as possible while charging to avoid any leakage and to NEVER vape while the device is charging.

Elf-bar Rechargeable Vape 5000 puffs
Elf-bar BC5000

Charging Flum Pebble Vapes

The Flum Pebbles are fairly new to the vape scene. Flum had previously released the "Float" which was a non chargeable disposable vape that got quite popular in just over a year. The pebble is their venture into the rechargeable/disposable vape world and we must say we are very impressed! These vapes are designed to carry power for a full day and can be charged for longer periods of time and by that we mean hours, because of the circuit protection technology provided by Flum. That being said 30 minutes to 1 hour is still the standard when it comes to charging these beautiful little vapes.

"These guys last for days on multiple charges while also keeping consistent flavor" – Vape Magazine

Charging Topshine Vapes

The rechargeable Topshine vapes have two versions. The topshine 4500 which carries 4500 puffs as the name suggests. This version comes in a more traditional vape shape and requires a maximum of 1 hour charge to last a full day. They are prone to overcharging so you might want to use a timer when charging to avoid any future complications. The newer topshines however, the 6500 are better at charging quicker and keeping a consistent flavor while doing so. These ones have recommended charge time of 1-2 hours for a full day's usage.

Topshine 6500 rechargeable vapes
Topshine 6500

Topshine 4500 rechargeable vapes
Topshine 4500

Overcharging Your Vapes

You might be asking yourself : "What does overcharging a vape mean? Will it explode? Will it leak? Am I safe?". While it's not as dangerous or dramatic as you might think here's what happens : When you overcharge a vape the mesh coil located inside will heat up and cause the cotton to burn. This in turn will cause the vape to delivery a "burnt taste" for the remainder of the battery's lifespan which is not pleasant and will make it impossible for you to keep using it and you will end throwing a perfectly good vape away and getting a new one. So keep in mind the charging times for these guys to save yourself the trip and the money on buying a new one.

Rechargeable/Disposable Vapes in General

While this technology is relatively new the vapes mentioned above are the closes to perfecting the disposable/rechargeable vape model. They provide users with more puffs and longer lasting disposables at a decent price. While the technology is still being developed we hope to see a lot more disposable vapes with a battery indicator (some exist but they're still working out the bugs) to make things easier for the daily vape user.

Where to Get These Chargeable/Disposable Vapes

Now that you know how to properly charge these vapes and how to use them in the most efficient way possible you might be thinking "Well...where can I get some?". We got you covered! You can get all these disposable/rechargeable vapes and more at Roupik Smoke Shop! Click Here to find our where we're located and here to get a sense of our inventory if you need anything else!

If you liked this article and are interested in more topics like this, please leave a comment below to let us know what else you'd like us to discuss and if you need any tips and tricks to help you out with all your smoking and vaping needs!

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Oct 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have tried so many different vapes, I live in California so the flavored ones can be hard to find sometimes, but not impossible lol. Only the clear flavor is legal I guess. The flum pebble clear flavor is the best out of all the brands I've tried. Swft is a close second. They have a vape with a digital display of the battery percentage and fluid level, it's awesome but I can't find anywhere that still has it. Vape shopping and purchasing is super hit and miss.

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