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How To Blow Thicker Smoke Clouds With Your Hookah

As a hookah enthusiast you've definitely found yourself asking the age old question:

"How do I get thicker smoke?!"

There are many factors that effect the texture of hookah smoke such as your heat management system, your packing method and your hose.

We are going to cover all of that in this article and get you those thick clouds in no time!

Tip #1 - Use Heat Management Devices

Heat Management Devices allow you to regulate the amount of heat that's being given to your hookah bowl, the right amount of heat will have you blowing dense clouds in no time!

Tip #2 - Do Not Overpack Your Bowl

Most people pack a lot of tobacco into their bowl to get dense smoke and more flavor. While this is true it's very easy to overpack. You can avoid this by doing the following: Pack your bowl as you usually would, add one more layer of tobacco and use a packing fork or poker to tighten the tobacco. This way you'll get more flavor AND more smoke!

Tip #3 - Change Your Hose

Not all hoses are created equal. If you're not getting the right amount of smoke with your current hose try changing it to one with a wider gauge or different material. After all it is the only tool used to deliver the smoke.

Tip #4 - Use A Diffuser

Diffusers play the role of breaking down smoke particles. They create a sort of filtration system for the smoke so that it may travel with ease throughout the hookah.

Finally: Enjoy Your Blissful Hookah Session

Following this simple tips will guarantee you thicker hookah smoke and an overall

better hookah experience! Comment below if you have any questions or are in need

of some more hookah tips and tricks!

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