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4 Shocking Facts You Didn't Know About Switching From Smoking To Vaping ( #3 Will Surprise You!)

While smoking tobacco has been around for centuries in the last decade electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, or vapes as they're more commonly called have been replacing the traditional smoking with many cigarette smokers transitioning to electronic alternatives. We get customers every day asking us what going from smoking to vaping is like and if there's any major changes they might experience during this transition.

Vaping Vs Smoking

So here are the four shocking facts you should know about switching from smoking to vaping.

1. The Vape Flu (Vaper's Cough)

The average cigarette smoker inhales the smoke directly to from the mouth into the lungs. Since vapor is thicker than smoke if they try to do the same with vaping from the start they might experience what's knowns as a Vaper's cough. The also might experience a dryness in the throat and a slight tickle for the first week or so which is referred to as the Vape flu.

Vaper's Cough

This depends on what type of vape they're using and the density of the vapor that the device is providing. It usually goes away after a week or so while the body is getting used to inhaling vapor instead of smoke.

2. The Phlegm is Gone!

No more will you have to experience bad morning phlegm. Since vapes don't actually burn tobacco thus NOT releasing tar into the throat or lungs, which is the main reason most smokers experience phlegm, you will be phlegm free!


The phlegm will still be there for the first couple of week while you're transitioning, but trust us when we say it is worth the wait to get your body and throat tar free!

3. No More Smell!

Although vaping leaves a trail of vapor like smoking leaves a trail of smoke but there is no lingering tobacco smell. Your clothes, car, and hands will smell just the same as before you hit the vape. Most smokers and the people surrounding them complain incessantly about the tobacco smell it stays and linger in all places especially in the cold. So if you throw away that nasty cigarette and pick-up a vape the smell will go along with it.

Smelling Good

4. Quitting Can Be Easier

Since the inception of the vape a lot of different types of vaping products have appeared. Lately we've seen a rise in 0% nicotine vapes. Since there is no nicotine in these vapes the user will keep using them until their need for nicotine is over while still feeding the habit of puffing on a device. When that habit has been cleared the user is free to quit and have a much better chance at doing it!

Quit smoking

Just In Case...

Now that you know these facts you can decide for yourself to transition to vaping or to keep smoking. Either way we at Roupik Smoke Shop carry both kinds of products! Visit us today at our store hours and we can help fin the right ones for you! Click here to find our shop, or here to contact us.

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